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We work toward teaching you the subjects and real-life skills we wish they taught in school.
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About us

Learn the skills that help you live your best life.

Even though I was an A- student, I hardly ever enjoyed school and usually tried to get out of it. When I graduated, I soon learned that I was utterly unprepared for adult life. I want to fill that gap and create a platform where people can learn the subjects I wish they had taught me in school. The project is currently in the development phase and will serve as a resource base until I can recruit the teachers to record the video lessons.

The What

To us, being a rebel simply means to recognize there is a problem and then do something about it. It means taking responsibility for your life and your actions.

The Who

While the RLU Academy is geared toward high school seniors and college students, most adults don’t know much about these subjects either. Anyone is welcome to join. And it’s free.

The Purpose

All funds raised will go toward projects that help one of our most vulnerable and often ignored populations through scholarships, mentoring, and education.

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Learn the skills that help you live your best life.

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